ISO Wall Panels

Iso Wall Panels are our insulated building wall product, a sheet building material for everyday use made from Magnesium Oxide. At Dade Engineering we manufacture these panels in our shop in order to create a truly environmentally and people friendly sheet building material.


ISO Panel Features

The Iso wall panels offer an innovative solution for your construction needs that is both Eco-friendly while also being structurally sound. Some other benefits of the Iso panel include:

  • Built quicker, with rough in electrical & plumbing points. Panels are finished and structural no need of backing, plastering and finishers, and no need of FRP or tiles

  • Panels are non-toxic meaning they are safe to cut, and are free of crystalline silica.

  • Lightweight, easy to process(nail, screw, cut,etc.), while being resistant to fire, moisture, termites & other insects.

  • Panels can be built up the specifications of a shop and delivered for fast and easy assembly.

  • Panels include space for plumbing and electrical was specified by plans.

Benefits of Iso wall Panel

  • Fire - Non-combustible, zero flame spread, zero smoke spread.

  • Mold - Resistant to rot & mold.

  • Water - Impervious to water.

  • Salt Water - Resistant to salt water & harsh coastal conditions.

  • Insects - Resistant to termites & wood boring beetles.

  • Health - No VOC’s, formaldehyde, glues resins, toxins, asbestos or crystalline silica; ‘zero off-gassing’.

  • Thermal - Thermal insulation with an R-Value of 2.00 per inch.

  • Strength - Stronger than plywood, OSB, cement board, drywall or other sheet building products.

  • Finishing - Finish with any product: paint, synthetic stucco, Portland stucco. Level 5 finish in 2 coats.

  • Environment - Waste acts as a nutrient for soil

  • Safety - Contractor safe when cutting, raw materials and final product are harmless.